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Ishida Kanko Nouen

石田観光農園Ishida Kanko Nouen

karuizawa nagano
There are the personnel who can speak English.
I lived in Oregon in the United States.

The Ishida You pick farm can harvest and eat fruits and vegetables in the farm !!

The farm glows currants, gooseberries, blueberry, plums, apples, pears, prunes, Peaches, etc. 15 variety of fruits and 35 kinds of vegetables.

In our farm, you can also eat various vegetables, such as a tomato and corn(very sweet , flesh eaten corn) ,and cucumber etc.


Please enjoy to pick 50 or more kinds of fruit and vegetables.

An operating period is from middle of July to middle of November.

Business is done every days on the season.

Business hours are from 9:00AM to 17:00PM.
The price of Entrance is   Adult---500 yen to 1500 yen.
Kids---300 yen to 1200 yen.

An admission fee changes according to a season.

There is a free parking lot.

Come and Enjoy to my wonderful farm !!


Ishida Kanko Nouen
Kita-Karuizawa, Naganohara-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gumma-ken,
377-1412, japan

T E L +81-(0)279-84-2457
FAX +81-(0)279-84-3449



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